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Left 4 Dead for mac – mac游戏 全新射击游戏《Left 4 Dead》最新破解版


      Valve宣布全新射击游戏《Left 4 Dead》,由《反恐精英:零点行动》(Counter-Strike:Condition Zero,简称CSCZ)游戏工作室Turtle Rock制作,强调使用“强化版”的 Source 引擎,将带领玩家进入冲击性的射击快感
Today Source Filmmaker is releasing the Left 4 Dead Content Pack as its latest DLC! It contains the props, infected and all eight survivors from Left 4 Dead 2, including The Passing and The Sacrifice. They're also releasing music and voice, including all of the stems that were used to dynamically compose the distinctive music for Left 4 Dead. So now you can compose your own soundtrack out of those little snippets of oboe, banjo, saw and vocals to create something recognizably Left 4 Dead but also uniquely your own!

Both the SFM and L4D communities have been asking for this for a while, so we expect great things! Install Source Filmmaker, start the download from the Downloadable Content item in the File menu, and get animating!




OS X 10.7 or Later

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