Dead Cells v.1.0 (2018) [Multi] [macOS Native game]

Dead Cells是Rogue-lite和Metroidvania类型中的动作平台游戏。 你正在等待一个巨大的,不断变化的城堡...当然,如果你能够以灵魂风格的2D战斗中击败那些挡路的人。 没有储蓄。 杀戮,死亡,学习,再试一次。

Dead Cells is an action-platformer in the genre Rogue-lite and Metroidvania. You are waiting for a huge, ever-changing castle ... If, of course, you can defeat those who stand in your way, in 2D battles in the style of Souls-lite. Without saving. Kill, die, learn and try again.

Screenshot 软件截屏:


System requirements 系统要求:

  • OS X 10.7 or Later