Legacy of the Elder Star (macOS)

Legacy of the Elder Star is a shoot ’em up driven by the mouse for the rest of us. You’re the Cosmonaut, an eternal cosmic hero who must break the robotic Infinite Legion and revive a dying star!
“Legacy of the Elder Star took him to the park, keeping the retro charm of the genre without chained to the past”. – GamerPros
Using a control scheme with one hand, controlled by the mouse, will deflect and will attack precisely 1: 1 and unlimited movement speed. Evade patterns of heavy bullets in the blink of an eye, then through entire squads to crush enemies in a single gesture. The movement is everything in Legacy of the Elder Star, and no other shoot ’em up moves well.
“At the moment it feels familiar and intuitive.”

Legacy of the Elder Star focuses on play smart without your way through the overwhelming hell. Enemies patterns change every time you play, keeping you alert and avoid repeating sequences of memory; the daily challenges are randomized further.

Broad accessibility options as a colorblind mode, automatic deadbolt and speed adjustable game for players with disabilities, or even just those who want a more relaxed experience are included.
“An absolute joy to look at , besides playing.” – Gamers Haven



System requirements:

  • OS X 10.7 or Later