Kite Compositor 1.1 for Mac macOS和iOS的动画和原型

Kite Compositor - 动画设计和原型为Mac。Kite Compositor是直接从苹果公司的主要动画,它提供了所有繁重的过程中创造美丽的动画界面建造。这是在IOS,MacOS和tvOS用于构建图形和动画接口相同的结构。Kite Compositor让您直观地拖放图层来创建复杂的界面所见即所得的画布。添加动画和使用集成的时间表配置它们。使用JavaScript脚本的建筑环境,以提高每个交互的细节。启用自定义逻辑和行为,以达到你需要什么。

Kite Compositor 提供了一些基本的构建模块,如图层,动画,让您以交互方式收集您的接口,例如,乐高的行动。此外,对于那些谁拥有技术背景,风筝为进一步微调您的每一个细节设计一个JavaScript脚本引擎。如果使用其他应用程序为Mac设计,如素描,PaintCode或主题,风筝接口应该有宾至如归的感觉。你组织你的设计为木层,出现在左边的源代码窗格。检查和更换在Inspector窗格权的对象的属性。布中心允许您选择对象,并使用工具栏提供的各种工具。底部面板显示实用时间轴动画和JavaScript控制台。

Kite Compositor充满神奇的工具和功能,帮助您快速建立用户界面。


Update 1.1

I’m pleased to release the first public update to Kite since its debut release almost two weeks ago. This update addresses many of the most requested small features and bugs that a number of users have written in about.

I’m truly overjoyed with all of the in-depth feedback I’ve received so far about the app. Many of you really have invested a lot of time to learn the ins-and-outs of Kite and have provided great input on how it can improve. I intend to keep rounding off the rough edges to make your workflows more fluid.

What’s New

  • Layer Ordering

    The layer ordering in Kite now matches the ordering you’re already familiar with in other apps like Sketch and Photoshop.

  • Play / Pause with Spacebar

    You can now press the spacebar to play or pause the timeline playback.

  • Trial period extended to 21 days

    Many of you have said that you simply need more time to use Kite and explore the depth of all of the features. Hearing this, I have extended the trial to 21 days! Now if you downloaded Kite on the day it was released, you have 7 extra days to discover more of the app. ?

  • Import images from Sketch at 2x scale

    You can now choose to import image layers from Sketch at either 1x or 2x scale in the Sketch import options.

  • Shortcut to center a layer’s anchor point

    A new toolbar button and context menu are available to quickly center the anchor point of a layer without moving its position. This is a very common operation when animating certain kinds of layers and will be a nice productivity boost.

  • Sketch-like layer tree keyboard navigation

    Navigate the layer tree with ease using familiar keyboard shortcuts: Tab, Return, Escape

  • More details in the release notes

    Check out the release notes for more changes and details

Get the Update

To get the update, click Kite > Check For Updates... in Kite’s main menu.

Also be sure to check for updates to the Kite for iOS app. A few bug fixes and improvements are waiting for you there too.



System requirements:

  • OS X 10.7 or Later