MarsEdit for Mac 4.1.4 博客编辑器

MarsEdit是OS X的博客编辑器,它可以像编写电子邮件一样编辑您的博客,具有拼写检查,草稿,多个窗口,甚至AppleScript支持。

它适用于大多数博客服务,包括WordPress,Blogger,Drupal,Movable Type,TypePad等等。

What's New in MarsEdit
Version 4.1.3:
More improvements to the reliability of the Safari extension
When a dragged image contains both higher resolution and lower resolution versions, MarsEdit now prefers higher resolution
Improvements to the List formatting macros to make them transform several selected lines into a single list
Fixed a bug to avoid recompressing images when no changes are made to them
Restore the ability to upload SVG files to blogs that support them
Fixed a bug that caused selected custom colors to be unset when clicking out of the color panel
Fixed a hang that could occur if authentication fails while trying to upload an image to a blog
Fixed a bug that caused blogs to re-expand their Posts/Pages subsections even if user had collapsed them
Fixed a bug that caused some standard formatting macros to lose their functionality when a custom keyboard shortcut was set
Setting the Featured Image is now supported via VoiceOver


Screenshot 软件截屏:


System requirements 系统要求:

  • OS X 10.7 or Later


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