Fantastical for Mac 2.3.5 功能强大日历管理软件

Fantastical 2功能强大日历管理软件。包含强大的功能,如发动机令人难以置信的直观的语法分析,一个完整的日历窗口(以日,周,月,年),一个迷你窗口,以便快速访问,支持提醒的iCloud,时区支持和很多很多。

版本 2.3.5 中的新功能

- Fixed birthdays sometimes appearing duplicated when changing time zones
- Fixed a crash with some Exchange delegates
- Improved handling of all-day recurring events
- Workaround for a sporadic 403 error appearing for some iCloud users

- Added support for Google's new login requirements
- Press option while right-clicking on an invitation in the invitations section to ignore all pending invitations
- Can now create events that repeat every month on the 1st through 20th weekday (for iCloud, Google, and other CalDAV accounts)
- Mail events using Newton when it is set as your default email reader
- Performance improvements with very large calendars
- Improved app launch time with large numbers of birthdays from Contacts
- Fixed an issue with some recurring events repeating one time too many or one time too few
- Fixed an issue with event invitations sometimes being modified when viewing them
- Fixed creating an invitation on a delegated Exchange calendar not sending emails to the invitees
- Fixed a potential crash when replying to Facebook events
- Fixed Fantastical not launching on versions of macOS El Capitan 10.11 through 10.11.4
- Various fixes and improvements



Screenshot 软件截屏:


System requirements 系统要求:

  • OS X 10.7 or Later