Battlezone 98 Redux (2016) [Multi] [macOS Native game]

有史以来最伟大的策略之一回归 - 改进的图形和在线多人游戏!在60年代的替代版本中,太空竞赛只不过是苏联和美国之间为获取神秘生物金属沉积物而进行激烈的星际间战争的屏障。站在一支全副武装的坦克,巡洋舰和装甲运兵车队的头上,用一把强大的导弹安排一团糟,一劳永逸地消灭月球,火星,金星,泰坦和欧洲的敌人。在战场上收集珍贵的生物金属,部署无懈可击的防御工事,建立先进的工厂,让每次相遇都是一次难忘的战斗!改进,加强和加强,Battlezone 98 Redux无法实时地将第一人称战斗与剧烈战略相结合 - 这是您了解该类型不朽经典的最佳机会!

One of the greatest fantastic strategies of all time comes back - with improved graphics and online multiplayer! In the alternative version of the 60's, the space race is nothing more than a screen for a fierce interplanetary war between the USSR and the US for access to deposits of a mysterious biometal. Stand at the head of an army of heavily armed tanks, cruisers and armored personnel carriers, and arrange a mess with the use of powerful missiles to once and for all erase enemies from the face of the Moon, Mars, Venus, Titan and Europe. Collect precious biometal on the battlefield and deploy unassailable fortifications, create advanced factories, so that each encounter is an unforgettable battle! Improved, strengthened and strengthened, Battlezone 98 Redux's inimitably combines first-person combat with a strenuous strategy in real time - this is your best opportunity to get acquainted with the immortal classics of the genre!

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  • OS X 10.9 or Later

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