NCH CardWorks Plus 4.01 macOS

NCH CardWorks Plus 3.00 macOS | 6 MB

Streaming audio capturing software that can record and convert any audio playing through your computer to mp3 or wav files. Streaming audio is recorded by a special kernel driver to preserve digital audio quality.

Record live internet radio.
Radio stations are required to log and archive all broadcasts under FCC regulations.

Save streaming audio broadcasts.

If you are broadcasting your band, SoundTap can record and archive the broadcasts.

Record streaming audio conferences.

SoundTap works perfectly to record conferences, podcasts and webinars hosted with our Quorum Conference Server.

Convert audio from uncommon formats to wav or mp3.

Convert a voice recording in ds2 format to mp3 using a ds2 player and SoundTap.

Record VoIP phone calls made with Skype.

This is often done in businesses or call centers for quality assurance.

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System requirements:

  • OS X 10.7 or Later