Transistor (2014) [Multi] [macOS Native game]

Transistor - 来自Bastion创作者的动作角色扮演游戏中的科幻游戏,您将穿越迷人的未来城市,用不可思议的不明武器来保护您的生命。 晶体管有机地结合了谨慎的战略规划和动态的战斗碰撞,精心设计的游戏玩法和迷人的大气情节。 随着事态的发展,你将不得不从不同的碎片组装一个三极管拼图,追求这个武器的前拥有者。

Transistor - a science fiction game in the genre Action RPG from the creators of Bastion, in which you will travel through a fascinating futuristic city, protecting your life with incredible weapons of unknown origin. Transistor organically combines careful strategic planning and dynamic fighting collisions, thought-out gameplay and a fascinating atmospheric plot. As events unfold, you will have to assemble a puzzle of the Transistor from disparate fragments, pursuing the former owners of this weapon.

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System requirements 系统要求:

  • OS X 10.9 or Later

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