Twixl Publisher 7.1 for Adobe InDesign CS6 – CC 2017 Mac AI插件

Twixl Publisher提供来创建应用程序和内容,从设计和thecreation和应用出版物在单一环境中结束的能力。

Twixl Publisher是一个平台(一套软件和服务)程序的OS X和插件Adobe InDesign中CC2015,CC2014,CC或CS6,要为移动设备创建无论是从现有文档交互内容,以及作为“从头开始”。

Twixl Publisher可以使用大范围的互动性,如照片幻灯片,音频,视频和HTML5的整合。

随着Twixl Publisher,您可以创建适用于iOS手机和平板电脑,查看在浏览器的计算机上Android和亚马逊或导出内容的应用程序。



  • Completely redesigned paywall to allow much more flexibility.
  • Option to use offline content for embedded web viewers.
  • 1Password integration with the Twixl App Reviewer on iOS.
  • Security improvements for the downloaded data on Android devices.
  • Different fixes regarding right-to-left publications.
  • You can now use and upload custom templates for Content Sources.
  • Issue-based apps now always show all issues, even if they are not defined in Google Play or iTunes Connect.
  • On the Twixl Distribution Platform, the publish data can now be specified as a timestamp.
  • Added support for the tel protocol in article-based apps to initiate phone calls.



System requirements:

  • OS X 10.7 or Later

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