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  • Utility for [SP K] Sierra Mac OS Special [K] 补丁不能运行修复工具

Utility for [SP K] Sierra Mac OS Special [K] 补丁不能运行修复工具

This is a utility to use Special [K] patchers on macOS Sierra.
This is in NO WAY associated or endorsed by the Special [K] group.

The Xcode Command Line tools must be installed for patching.
If they are not installed, the utility will quit and you will be offered a chance to install them.

Neither the patcher nor the app to be patched need to be placed in any special folder.
However, the app cannot be on a read-only disk.

There are no error messages if the patching fails.  In command line mode, the Special [K] patcher
does not provide any feedback.  Occasionally, successful patching does produce some output, but
that has been suppressed to prevent confusion.

The utility will first ask the user to select the patcher.  The utility will verify that it is
a fairly recent Special [K] patcher.  If it isn't, the user will be asked to select again.

After the patcher has been selected, the user will select the app to be patched.  There is no
checking to see whether the correct app was chosen.  And as said before, failure to patch will
not be identified.

Credits to charlien



System requirements:

  • OS X 10.7 or Later


Download links: