GNOG v.1.0.2 (2018) [Multi] [macOS Native game]

GNOG - 具有三维谜题的触觉游戏,其中有奇怪的怪物头,隐藏着秘密世界。 游戏具有令人难忘的设计,现场互动,丰富的反应式音轨,手工制作的头部在你叠加,旋转,拉动时实现 - 也就是说,你有兴趣收集它们各自独特的生物。

GNOG - tactile game with three-dimensional puzzles, during which there are bizarre heads of the monster, concealing the secret worlds. The game features a memorable design, live interaction, a rich reactive soundtrack, handmade heads are implemented as you stack, rotate, pull - that is, with interest you collect each in its own charming unique creature.



System requirements:

  • OS X 10.7 or Later

Download links: