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Northgard v.1.3.9868 (2018) [Multi] [macOS Native game]


经过多年的不懈追求,勇敢的维京人发现了诺德加德 - 一片充满秘密,危险和财富的新土地。



Northgard is a strategy inspired by Scandinavian mythology. Lead the Viking Clan and subdue the unknown lands full of secrets.

After years of tireless searching, brave Vikings discovered Nordgard - a new land full of secrets, dangers and riches.

The bravest of the northerners raised their sails and set out to conquer other people's shores in the hope of glorifying their clan and entering history thanks to their conquests, trade and zealous service to the gods.

But for this they will have to fight off the wild beasts and dead people who are roaming in these places, to establish relations with the iotuns or fight them and survive the winters so severe that the north has not yet seen.



System requirements:

  • OS X 10.7 or Later

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