Element 3D v2.2.2.2140 Plugin for AE (Mac OS X)

Element 3D - a new plugin for the visualization of 3D-objects in After Effects in real time!

Development of the company VideoCopilot, specializing in additional tools for creating video effects and training materials on this topic in the program AfterEffects. Element 3D allows you to work with three-dimensional objects directly in AE.The plugin can import 3D-models in OBJ or C4D-format. Support environment mapping and motion blur, depth of field.Extras. Information: Composition of the distribution:

• Element 3D

• Pro Shaders
• Fresh Food Pack
• Money & Casino Pack
• Motion Design Pack
• Projectile Weapons Pack
• Sound & Music Pack
• Sports Pack

• Metropolitan Pack (textures will post updates during the week)




OS X 10.7 or Later

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